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When it comes to rooftop solutions providers, FRYBLE is the most trusted and most dependable.
FRYBLE is leading integrated solar player and excels across the solar value chain from the manufacturing of cell/modules and solar products to executing rooftop and utility-scale solar projects.

Offering turnkey solar solutions from designing and installation to maintenance, we leave our customers free to solely focus on their core business. Just provide us access to your roofs and leave the rest to us. However before you commission a rooftop solar plant, a few feasibility checks need to be conducted. You could easily conduct them yourselves or even better, leave the hassle to us, as we would be sending our experts for a check.

We are one of the best solar rooftop solution providers. We offer integrated solutions to clients related to Solar Rooftop. We have commissioned a lot of projects related to solar rooftops since our inception.

Our professionals are highly efficient in executing the work with complete efficiency and without any flaw. This is the reason why our products and services are widely in demand. We make sure that our solar rooftop products are manufactured using the finest quality material and provide the best solution that helps in decreasing the electricity costs. To get the best solutions for Solar Rooftop, contact us.

There are numerous benefits of rooftop solutions such as:

  • Start immediate savings on your electricity bills
  • Get protection from future hikes in electricity costs
  • Extremely low maintenance cost
  • Very low carbon footprints
  • Inexpensive advantage
  • Advanced property value

Zero complaints on our on-site

These advantages make sure that there will be the best solution for electricity and a green environment if a solar rooftop solution is installed. We take complete guarantee of our product and service. There will be zero complaints on our on-site commissioning of the solar rooftops. Also, we offer the best solutions at the most affordable prices. Contact us anytime to place your order!


Why prefer FRYBLE as your rooftop solutions provider?

Immediate savings on your electricity bills
Protection from future hikes in electricity costs
Low maintenance cost
Lower carbon footprints
Competitive advantage
Improve property value


Cost-effective and technically advanced

Our rooftop designs use the most cost-effective and technically advanced solutions to maximize the power generation and provide the optimal Return on investment.

Installing a solar rooftop plant is to make sure that the roof is strong enough to carry the additional load of the solar panels. Engineering team has analyzed dozens of commercial and industrial rooftops, and has all the right expertise to execute your project on time and on budget.


Sandwich panel roofs are common for cold-storage warehouses, factories and other buildings that require insulation. The panels consist of a thick layer of insulating foam, which is sandwiched between two metal sheets (hence the name). The solar panels can be installed in one of two ways. The first is to attach the panels with self-tapping screws from the top. The screws come with rubber seals to prevent water leakage after they are fixed to the roof. This method is tried and tested in thousands of installations in Europe and North America, and can withstand very high wind loads.

Sheet metal roofs are common for ambient warehouses, factories, sheds and other utility buildings. Made from galvanized steel or aluminum, the sheets are typically attached to a steel structure underneath with self-penetrating screws. Because the weight-carrying capacity of single sheet roofs is typically very limited, the solar installation needs to be designed to minimize the weight and wind forces acting on the panels.

Concrete roofs are are a common feature of schools, universities, hospitals, labor accommodation and other public buildings. Given the strong concrete structure, weight is hardly ever an issue for the solar installation. However, shading from obstacles (air-conditioners, elevator shafts, satellite dishes, etc.) can be a concern.The easiest way to install a solar system on a concrete roof is by using ballasted structures. These have the big advantage of not needing any roof penetration, and can therefore be installed with little preparation. The structures can be optimized for maximum yield (e.g. facing straight south, at an angle of 20-25°) or for maximum energy density (typically facing east-west at a tilt angle of around 10°).

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