What are interior finishes and how can they reflect your true personality and personal taste? Interior finishes encompass all the natural and synthetic materials and devices used to cover the interior and exterior of a building’s framing structure to enhance its service and aesthetic qualities.

Finishing work is the concluding stage of a construction. However, finishing work is very labor-intensive, and it accounts for up to 35 percent of all labor expenditures and assembly operations in residential constructions. Even though the house is nearly complete, be prepared to be patient. The detail items are what get noticed and what you end up living with, so make sure they get done correctly. The main types of finishing work include facing, plastering, woodworking, flooring, painting, wallpapering and glazing.

In most cases; you’ll have the ability to select the finishing items and materials early in the planning stage of your new construction, remodeling or renovation project. Use this opportunity to make a bold statement of who you really are by choosing finishing materials that reflect your personality and lifestyle. These are some of the wide selection of interior finishing materials available to you.



Finishes are very important for the experiences of the users. What we always try to do is to put the user at the center of the project. The majority of our projects are related to hospitality, thus it’s the guests who are the epicenter of a certain work. FRYBLE works also on residential projects, where instead it’s the person who lives there the main focus of our job. In any case, we always have this target group in our head and we never design something for ourselves or for the client.


The crucial role of finishes in interior design

The finishes fulfil this expectation and guide the guests throughout their stay. Nowadays we often work by following the so called “value engineering”, which is a systematic, organized approach to providing necessary functions in a project at the lowest cost.

Porcelain and ceramic give a great contribution in any type of project, especially in those where you cannot use other types of materials. Nowadays porcelain and ceramic got very close to the original material, such as marble, also thanks to the offer of big size tiles.


Finishing works – step by step A new flat is a great challenge, although designing its interior is an exciting experience. However, before we put the finishing touches to the flat, we need to make key decisions as to its interior designing. We need to be well-prepared for the process, so that we eventually get a interior of OUR DREAMS.

Individual approach to each client is the basis of our work. First, we present you catalogs of excellently finished interior works, from which you can make your choice. After that, you will be informed of all essentials about your selected design and all possible conditions of the project. Focusing primarily, on the satisfaction of all your requirements and wishes.

The reputation we’ve built and the position we’ve earned reflects our passion for creativity and the superior edge that we stand on, likewise our capability to conceptualize the perfect luxury interior styles and exteriors that we’re known for.

With its great expertise and professionalism to perform every interior design implementation, FRYBLE and its team have been recognized as the best interior companies in India and abroad.

In fact, the company and its team have extended its capacity to provide its world-class services in all the cities.

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