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FRYBLE is a globally recognized EPC Contractor and Developer for Solar projects.
The ability to secure strategic partnerships with key international players in the global solar energy business has been at the core of FRYBLE’s successful growth strategy. This well-cultivated network of collaborators enables FRYBLE to bring together local and international investors in order to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our mission is to offer customized integrated solutions of the highest global standards, in order to meet and even exceed the customer’s needs. In FRYBLE, we believe that trust, honesty and transparency are the foundation for a long-term cooperation. By consulting and supporting our customers and maintaining their projects, we ensure the maximum benefit of each investment.

Lastly but most importantly, FRYBLE goes the extra mile to ensure a solar installation has a positive impact in each community in which we serve. Now FRYBLE is going a step further to create long-term contributions in communities where our utility scale solar installations are located especially.

FRYBLE’s vision, mission and core values are the fundamentals of FRYBLE’s spirit which help to define the culture of the company. Motivating our staff to give their best and instilling in our clients’ confidence, that we will deliver solutions of the very highest quality.

FRYBLE provides Full Support (Value Added) Services to his clients during the development stage including:

  • Project feasibility
  • PPA: Negotiation support, scheduling & risk analysis
  • Permitting
  • Site securing
  • Regulatory work
  • Budgeting: Pro­forma analysis, forecasting, cash flows
  • Risk Analysis: Cost benefits, project scheduling

Development Models

FRYBLE has a proven track-record of delivering project lifecycle certainty to solar energy developers and investors working in rapidly expanding emerging markets.
Faster - Seamless integration of all development activities by experienced, emerging market developer
Investment Grade Development Projects -
FRYBLE has unique understanding of renewable energy projects in emerging markets


Benefits of having FRYBLE as Co-Developer:

Aligned Interests -
FRYBLE shares risk with the Client in project success.
Improved ROI on Development Funds -
Reduced fees in exchange for success fee (or similar) at financial close results in balance between risk and development cost.
Reduced Cost -
FRYBLE develops the project from concept to construction eliminating scope gaps and cost overruns.


Sophisticated structuring capabilities

FRYBLE’s financial know how and sophisticated structuring capabilities has allowed us to develop, acquire and finance mostly utility scale projects even during the global financial meltdown and European sovereign debt crisis.

Exceptional relationships with financial institutions and solar and construction industry leaders solidify our ability to outpace competitor’s returns in the race to realize a solar powered future.


Our vision is to be the outstanding supplier of any services, any products, any solutions we are offering in FRYBLE’s specialist and integrated services in the built and natural environment.

We are all accountable to deliver on our ' commitments and pursue our objectives with energy and determination. Quality is of the essence to us. We say what we do and do what we say

Quality, environment and safety management systems are an integral part of our approach to sustainability as they ensure optimal management of our relationship with customers , suppliers, public administration and financial system.

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