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FRYBLE offers innovative solar solutions to businesses, government agencies, commercial, industrial and educational institutions of all sizes. Our advanced solar technology allows our customers to maximize savings, gain energy independence, and meet sustainability goals.

Solar power generation has eventuated as one of the expeditiously growing renewable sources of electricity. Solar panels convert the light from dun into usable solar energy, and then it is further converted as electrical power. The ways of generating electric power from solar energy might be either by the photovoltaic system or solar thermal systems.

FRYBLE has a fully dedicated solar team of experienced and highly qualified, approved professionals and all the necessary testing equipment to implement solar projects of various complexities.


  • Save 10-50% on electricity bills
  • Improve power reliability
  • Provide no capital investment
  • Manage long-term electricity costs
  • Enjoy guaranteed performance
  • Own the solar plant after the lease
  • Focus on the core business
  • Lower carbon emissions and enhance CSR/sustainability

A Good Amount of Return On Investment

You may think installing or moving to renewable energy like solar is an expense for your business, but we want to inform you it is an investment. The return amount of investing in commercial solar installation can exceed most of the other investments in your business.

Reduce Utility Bills
If you think you will understand that the major expense of a business is rising electricity bills, then it is time to move on to solar. The per-unit cost of commercial uses electricity is much more than residential use. The amount of savings will rise according to the amount of power generated from your solar systems.


green sustainability program

We are a part of the India green sustainability program. Our team of FRYBLE are certified solar technicians and electrical engineers are highly trained in all aspects, from design and approvals, to supply and installation of the latest solar PV solutions to maximise our clients’ ROI.

In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, when completing interior design projects, we are the best among the list of interior design companies in the India and abroad.


end-to-end solution

We offer a full end-to-end solution to our clients – including feasibility assessment and project tendering, up to design, project management, testing, and operations and maintenance of solar panels and solar systems at better solar panel price.


Through our comprehensive range of solar consultancy services, we enable clients to identify the most cost-efficient solar PV system for their requirements, while ensuring it is supplemented by proper documentation and thorough evaluation of the offer, design and commissioning phase.

Our team evaluate the project to determine the requirements, capacity and the type of solar panels required to help our clients prequalify solar companies and PV suppliers to partner with, FRYBLE implements a complete and streamlined process that ensures the success of solar energy projects.

Cost Reduction 15-18% via design and tendering – compared to in-house sourcing by clients. Strong improvement in PPA / Lease Tariff.

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