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Maintaining your water chiller preventatively will ensure your water chiller’s effectiveness and efficiency, which will result in savings and peace of mind. Our chiller maintenance programs are site-specific, reducing the possibility of costly breakdowns in the cooling systems of our clients.

Installation of Valves and fittings such as DRV, Butterfly valve, gate valves, Actuator, sensors etc. Air Handling unit and Fan Coil Unit supply, installation, testing and commissioning.

Types of chilled water system

  • There are two types of chilled water systems for buildings: rooftop systems, and those that are installed behind the building’s walls. The roof systems are filled with water to cool around six degrees Celsius. Water is then passed through coils located in air handlers that circulate the air throughout the building or room. When the water pipes in a chilled water system work like the evaporator coils in a standard air conditioner, they can be extremely versatile.
  • For homes and businesses across the area, our team has experience installing whole new systems, upgrading antiquated chillers to higher efficiency chillers, and replacing antiquated chillers.

Installing and maintaining a chiller – why it’s important

A chilled water system functions as a centralized cooling system for an entire building or a series of buildings, which makes it a practical way of installing several different pieces of equipment in different places rather than sharing them among them. That, for instance, makes it easier to maintain the units.


Upgrading antiquated chillers to higher efficiency chillers

An artificial chiller creates chilled water at a temperature between 6 and 12 degrees Celsius, or 5 and 11 degrees Celsius. Chilled water is produced by a chiller, which is designed to produce a temperature difference of six degrees. Chilled water pipes spread throughout the vessel, in the tender garage, wheelhouse, bowthruster room, and mast to supply the radar system. Chilled water pipes are like the heart of a system, and chilled water pipes are like the arteries.


Chilled water system must be cleaned and flushed before putting system in operation. During installation there is high chance of debris and metallic parts remained in system. it must be removed and chemically flushed to enhance system performance and equipment longevity. Without flushing & cleaning, there is significant chance of damage and energy is also lost.

Chilled water system is a specialized job and must be done under professionals who follow guidelines and procedure to make it success. Owing to hot and humid climate and growing demands of chilled water system, we come across many calls and requests from our valuable clients to look after their chilled water system cleaning and flushing requirements.

We have highly experienced team to carry out such jobs in highly professional manner, with full compliance of client and local authority guidelines. Feel free to contact us for new system installation as well as little challenging case of running chilled water system.

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