Most modern spaces have proved the value of using Aluminium is together with glass in construction projects especially on doors, windows, partitions and curtain walls.

The combination results in an aesthetically appealing final product. We are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminium curtain walling, windows and doors.

We work with leading aluminium systems vendors to supply high-performance aluminium glazing systems, ready to meet the individual needs of every single customer in every detail and to face challenging and demanding project’s requirement, in terms of technical solutions, keeping the highest product and service quality.

From windows to sliding doors and everything in between, we at FRYBLE have quite the encompassing range of abilities. This, we have successfully proven, client after client, over the years by servicing the competitive needs of with high quality products in the following areas: Aluminium extrusions of high-quality profiles, curtain walling, powder coating of aluminium profiles that withstand all weather conditions, anodised aluminium profiles, wood grain application on aluminium profiles, structural glazing and ACP cladding works, uPVC doors and windows, Frameless glass facades, shop fronts and shower cubicles.

We are Expert in all types of floorings work

  • Aluminum Folding Doors
  • Aluminum Slim Sliding Door
  • Frameless Folding Door
  • Aluminum PIVOT DOORS

Aluminum Folding Doors

FRYBLE offers the ideal key for linking your home with the garden. Aluminum Framed Folding Doors open and close smoothly, and stack modestly to open and whole wall of your home. Bespoke opening sizes, configurations and door designs allow replacements and the flexibility to design doors that suit your standard of living and meet your requirements.

We pride ourselves that our work are the finest in the market, you will not only get the best of products but also excellent service and a competitive price. Probably much less expensive than you though.


Incredible glass and aluminum solutions

We offer high-quality goods and services that are suitable for both home and business purposes. When you work with us, you'll get a stunning residential and commercial glass and steel products, reasonable rates, and trustworthy staff.

Our professionals are specialists in bulk aluminum and glass sales. Moreover, we are experts in repairing and installation. Get in touch and find out more about our custom-made windows, shower doors, storefronts, and other aluminum and glass products.


Precise Installation and Expert Design

We install glass and aluminum products and framing solutions for practically every architectural application, from complex exterior facades to full interior office build-outs. So, with wide storefront windows, you can catch customers' attention right away. Companies realize that a good first impression starts with the glass, whether it's within a mall or on the street.

Every company's workforce office space requirements are different. Because you spend so much time in your office, make it the most comfortable and productive environment possible.


Our mission is to produce high-quality products and services that fulfill our customers' needs and expectations. So, we are devoted to encouraging continuous improvement and achieving excellence.

Although, we take pleasure in our employees' professionalism and competence, and we give them the training they need to improve their skills. Our team also acts with honesty and respect and it strengthens our relationships with both current and future clients.

We collaborate with our customers to ensure that their projects are completed on time and within budget. We are focused on the production and the result. Although, we never sacrifice the quality of our products & services.

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