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Energy storage is a natural extension of FRYBLE solar energy engineering and construction capabilities, enabling solar energy plants to store energy for various uses, such as grid stabilization, peak shaving and load shifting.
We are working with our customers to meet energy storage needs. We has the capabilities to build stand-alone energy storage projects, or combine energy storage with solar and wind projects.

Solar energy has been an excellent alternative source of energy if you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint or wish to purchase power cost-effectively. Businesses are considering renewable sources of energy, it has become imperative to find ways to store this energy to be able to use it on-demand. It is critical when one considers the disparity between production and consumption of energy in a power system.

What are the advantages of energy storage?

  • What energy storage provides: emergency backup power. When you pair energy storage with a solar panel system, you can keep your lights on even in the event of a grid outage.
  • Energy storage systems can also provide financial benefits, energy storage can help maximize the financial savings you get from solar by allowing you to consume more of the solar.
  • And energy storage can play a much bigger role: it can provide fast acting, quick response injections of energy on the grid as a contingency, it can provide reserves.

What energy storage system solutions can FRYBLE provide?

  • 30Kw Energy Storage System Solution
  • 100Kw Energy Storage System Solution
  • 500Kw Energy Storage Container Solution


Grid energy is the preferred source of energy at the site (solar/grid electricity)

The battery gets charged using grid power

Load is powered from the grid

Power for the load is supplied by the battery

When the ESS is no longer able to provide energy, power shifts to the diesel Genset

The controller optimizes the diesel Genset for optimal efficiency and lowers fuel consumption

Control of operations is restored to grid online mode once grid power resume

One of the most exciting developments on the solar front in recent years has been the introduction of low-cost storage batteries. It represents a big step forward in terms of achieving a power-neutral home and zero energy consumption from the grid. In most cases you will be better off storing your excess energy for your own use rather than feeding it back into the grid.

Solar Battery Storage works by storing any excess unused power generated by your solar panels. By storing this power for when you want to use it, you will no longer be buying ‘back’ the excess power you sent to the grid when your solar was generating. Lower bills and less reliance on the grid. It’s that simple.

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