As they say, the only constant thing in life is change, and at FRYBLE, we definitely consider that to mean positive change. In our ethics, culture, and company values, we strongly believe in rebuilding and that anything can be improved to be better. This also extends to our body of work, particularly when it comes to building renovations in all its forms.

Before embarking on any renovation project, we try our best to understand one thing the “why”. Everyone who intends to renovate has a reason in mind, an end goal, which is the specific change they want to see upon completion. Whether it is to create more space, change the energy consumption pattern, improve the general technical standards of the building or simply adding some color to your life and surroundings, we listen.

Our custom-made design solutions are sure to suit all your renovation needs and bring your building to life, exactly the way you want it too!


Villa Renovation

Your villa is a place which should be designed and tailored to your tastes and needs. Yet our needs, as we all know, change from time to time. Whether your villa requires only small improvements or overall renovation, we will help to guide you through this process and present you with a space that is suited to you.

FRYBLE focuses on complete villa renovation and provides clients with a wide variety of Villa Renovation Services. Our offer includes kitchen and bathroom installations, fitting windows and doors, adding extensions and introducing smart home equipment.



For design and build professionals like ourselves, the words “remodel” and “renovate” have two very different meanings, although they are used interchangeably. Let’s start with the definition of the words first. According to the dictionary definitions:

Remodel means “to change the structure or form of something.” Renovate means “restore to a good state of repair.” Either way, FRYBLE Renovation is the best and Professional Home Remodelling Company to get associated with.


Home Renovation

At FRYBLE we understand how important it is to have your home exactly the way you want it. When it comes to refurbishing your property to the highest standard we offer a complete range of services. Your brief is discussed and refined to match your vision, expectations and individual needs. You will be guided through every stage of the project from initial ideas to completion and guidance on design from our knowledgeable team.


Project Management. We will manage it completely from start to finish
Design Service including a consultation between us and any related professionals
Full construction services
All trade services
Minimal disturbance, all our workers are trusted individuals, work can be cordoned off to minimise noise and dust All our workers work to strict deadlines Electrical certificates issued on completion


A good living room design that aligns with your lifestyle will not only serve as a stylish and efficient space, but it can act as a haven that reduces stress, re-energizes your mind and body, and improves social connections. All it takes is a bit of planning and a hefty dose of inspiration!

We transform kitchens with classic facilities and beautiful flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, sinks, taps, and other accessories. During our free consultation, we will discuss the design you desire to have and also plan on how we create what you want.

Our team understand the science of workspace and have a special interest in helping serviced offices and like-minded companies embrace the growing need for relaxed, agile and flexible workspace.

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