fryble home_solar

Home Installation

At Fryble we have our moto of getting things done quite fast & reliable. Home Solar Installations at fryble dedicates the passion for going solar for every home.We provide our customers customised solutions for installing solar units/plants at their rooftops as per the space availability and the connected load which will help them to reduce their electricity bills & save energy & environment. We the thrive to start solar home installations a handy thing, we have started with a basic calculator which shows you the system capacity that is required at your home along with the approximate system cost. .

fryble industrial_solar

Industrial / Commercial

We also provide solar installations for industries, hotels & schools, shopping complexes & society clubs.In regions like Delhi NCR solar installation is something which is very beneficial.We have a team of expert professionals who have their expertise in installing solar plants ranging from 2 kw to 500 kw.Our experts gives a visit at your premises and after conducting analysis team will suggest you the possible size of installed capacity.By going solar at your premises you can reduce your electricity bills drastically.To Book a visit call us @9911886166 else book from our app.

fryble garden_light

Garden and Street Light

Solar Street/garden lights are raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated in the pole itself. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night. Most solar panels turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light using a light source. Solar street lights are designed to work throughout the night. Many can stay lit for more than one night if the sun is not available for a couple of days. Street Lights/Garden lights can be installed in schools, commercial industries, colonies, parking lots, restaurants & society parks etc. Book now for installing solar street lights/garden lights & other inquiries.

fryble solar-power-calculator

Solar Calculator

Fryble provides you an intelligent solar calculator designed by our experts with following features. a) To find the size of your solar system b) To find the approximate cost for your solar system with standard installations c) Average Monthly savings that can be done by using solar system d) Generations per month from installed solar system Get a basic idea of your solar plant capacity by using our Solar calculator. .

fryble Module Cleaning

Monthly Module Cleaning

Why Module cleaning?
In high dusty regions like Gurgaon, if modules are not cleaned, the generation loss will go upto 20 percent. The bird spit on modules can create a hotspot and the cell gets burned voiding the warranty of modules. Dusty modules also affect the amount of solar energy generated which reduces life of solar modules drastically. Cleaning modules with hard water also create salt patches which affects energy generation.
What Fryble Experts will do?
With our expertise in module cleaning system, we provide three times cleaning in a month. We have special telescopic cleaning system, we can clean modules upto the height of 3 meters from rooftop. Our Expert team will check for hotspots in module and we guarantee that, our expertise cleaning will increase generation by 10%. Book now for monthly subscription or a demo cleaning visit.

fryble Panel Maintenance

Panel Maintenance

Fryble on-site maintenance team performs preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance for your solar plant & capable of quickly restoring generation in case of any fault & failure. With our micro level plant analysis, we provide reduced downtime, increased returns & long term asset protection.
It also includes
1) Preventive, predictive & corrective maintenance field engineering
2) Emergency help to customers in case of any failure & shutdown
3) Nighttime scheduled maintenance for lowest production impact.
4) Trainings to customer on how to increase generation

All Operation & Maintenance activities are done as per NREL(USA) guidelines.
Inquire now for Quarterly, half yearly & annual maintenance plans and increase your generation.